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Heat & Humidity On The Increase As We Near The End Of The Week

WeatherPosted by Kameron Douglas Thu, June 28, 2018 01:19AM
We are finally catching a break from the rain, however a few leftover showers make try to stick around Thursday for areas in the southwest part of Southern Indiana. That in mind there is a marginal risk for severe storms for a small portion of Southern Indiana areas like Posey County and Evansville. Below is the risk map that is showing areas that I am referring to as far as the risk for severe weather goes.

The perk to having the rain the past several days is it has kept the heat and humidity levels at a somewhat comfortable level but now that the rain chances will be gone the next several days the heat and humidity levels will be on the rise.

Temperatures on Thursday will rise to the upper 80s with heat indices in the low 90s to near 100 degrees.

By Friday and continuing into the weekend highs will be in the 90s with heat indices ranging between 100-105 degrees. That in mind I wouldn't be surprised if the "National Weather Service" would decide to issue a "Heat Advisory" for Friday and even Saturday and Sunday possibly as well.

Be sure to stay properly hydrated and if you plan to be outdoors wear sunscreen!

-Kameron Douglas

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Posted by Rochelle Douglas Thu, June 28, 2018 01:38PM

Thanks for the update! -RD