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Severe Weather Threat Is Over For Tonight

WeatherPosted by Kameron Douglas Tue, November 06, 2018 01:32AM

Almost all of the rain has exited Southern Indiana! Overall Southern Indiana didn’t see a much if any severe weather activity and this is thanks to low instability factors. Although wind shear factors were elevated it was not enough to support organized widespread severe weather.

So what happened to the instability for Southern Indiana?
To to answer that question it is primarily because during the day yesterday (Monday) it was very overcast and cloudy with little to no sunlight. To break it down sunlight is only one of the three key ingredients to making up good instability. The second ingredient is dew points in the 60s which dew points were struggling to reach the 60s. The third ingredient is warm temperatures in the 60s or above and although some areas may have hit the 60 degree mark that wasn’t enough to make good instability.

The other part to the make-up of Severe Weather is wind shear which although levels were elevated this part of the severe storm make-up alone is not enough to support organized severe weather since instability is missing.

The last part that makes up severe weather is you need a forcing mechanism which would be lightening in which was little to no presence of during the time of this severe weather chance.

So to sum things up the 3 key ingredients to severe storms is instability, wind shear and a forcing mechanism and without all three of those ingreditents working together you can’t get organized Severe weather and although wind shear and maybe very little forcing was present it was not enough to support organized severe weather which is why Southern Indiana did not have nearly if any severe weather activity yesterday (Monday).

I will mention if there is anything Southern Indiana did see it was Rain and quite a bit of it. That in mind some areas may have some roadways covered in water especially if there is any drains clogged with leaves that prevent water from draining into the runoff drains. So if you see a flooded roadway no matter how high the water is you should NEVER EVER try to go through it! A good reminder (Turn Around, Don’t Drown)

A lot cooler weather coming our way by the end of the week and maybe some snow?? (It won’t be much if it does so don’t get your hopes up HA!) BOTS (Bring On The Snow)!!

-Kameron Douglas